Top 10 Podcasts For 2019

2019 has been a heck of a year for me in terms of self-development, trying to work on being the best dad and husband I can be, and increasing my productivity and effectiveness in the work place.

If you are anything at all like me you enjoy listening to music (hopefully via Amazon Music Unlimited) or podcasts throughout the work day to help the time pass. 

So in the spirit of the quickly approaching Fall season I’ve decided to put together a fun list of my Top 10 Podcasts for 2019. 

I’m not restricting my choices to any subset or specific genre and I expect that not every podcast on this list will be a good fit for all readers. 

But I know that there is a wide enough variety in topics and interests being covered in the below list that you will find at least a few that you absolutely love! So let’s get to it.

1.      “The Watch” with Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan

This Watch covers all ranges of pop culture from television, to movies, art, and music. Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan, the traditional hosts of the pod, are both well read, intelligent consumers of all things in popular culture and add deft commentary and reflection on all of the most popular shows that have become the bread and butter of American consumerism. 

Each pod covers different segments of material for example, I’ve heard them discuss new “Star Wars” trailers, the Marvel universe at large, Black Mirror episodes, Game of Thrones finales, and more over my time listening to the pod. 

Even more interesting beyond your normal show reviews is the fact that Andy Greenwald is no longer just an aspiring writer, but is a show runner for his own television project that he has been greenlighted on. So we as the listener are getting exposure to his pursuit of success in the TV industry and learning about the process as he does, which I find very entertaining and intriguing. 

Chris Ryan loves to cover a wide variety of topics and with these two being old friends from their teenage years, they make for a great pair who are very conversational and light hearted in their discussions. With all that in consideration, The Watch receive spot number one on my Top 10 Podcasts for 2019! 

The other watch that is number one in my heart? None other than my ultimate wish list Apple Watch Series 4 in SPACE GREY that I seriously want so badly but am trying to wait until Christmas to get. Amazon Prime makes the temptation even greater guys but I digress. Lets get on to number 2 on this list! 

2.      “The Bill Simmons Podcast” with Bill Simmons

This podcast features the “Podfather” as he is so termed by Jalen Rose on another popular podcast in the sports pod world. 

It is fitting as Bill Simmons, previously known as the "Sports Guy" has been an active writer/blogger from the early days of the internet and was one of the first to transition to heavy podcast content. His rise to fame and success through ESPN and in writing the bible of NBA fans around, "The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to the Sports Guy", has landed him as one of the most well known podcasters and sports tangent people in that subsection of culture. 

While most might link him with sports coverage as a whole, including the NBA, NFL, and MLB among other sports, he actually goes far beyond just covering that arena and often has a variety of guests on his show from actors, writers, directors, politicians, and everything in between. One of my favorite pods was his interview with Matt Damon as they discussed the many facets of his career trajectory and highlighted some of the fun and interesting moments along the way. 

He is always ready to throw down hot takes and every once in a while will bring out his favorite alter ego, “conspiracy Bill” to discuss and evaluate what he really thinks is going on behind the scenes in any given controversial moment. 

If you love sports, pop-culture, and listening to successful creative power houses discuss their lives, routines, and struggles, then this podcast is 1000% the right place for you to park your ears. While it was a tough choice to make, it ultimately lands the Bill Simmons pod at the number 2 spot in my Top 10 Podcasts for 2019. 

If you still aren't satisfied with the amount of Bill Simmons in your life I also recommend his heralded baseball piece (one which I'm sure the avid Red Sox fan would love), "Now I Can Die In Peace: How the Sports Guy Found Salvation Thanks to The World Champions (Twice!!) Red Sox" which is as funny as the title is long. Perfect pick me up for anyone who enjoys Bill and baseball in one lethal combo. 

3.      “Masters In Business” with Barry Ritholtz

Are you looking to become wise in the ways of the Financial world, stock markets, bond markets, hedge funds, private equity, and everything in between? Then look no further than Masters In Business. 

Barry Ritholtz is an extremely well read host who brings in the best of the best in the financial sector to discuss their failures, successes, what they wish they would have known when they were coming up in the finance world, and what their favorite books are, all packed into a single hour of content, more or less. 

He isn’t just providing a platform for these people to speak their peace or sell their product/firm/strategy. He is an active, intelligent host who can talk with authority on all subjects within the financial landscape and he does so in a witty, charming, and educational way that helps the listener learn while also feel like they are a vital part of the conversation. 

If you have any specific areas of finance that you are trying to learn whether it be personal finance, 401k and index funds, or broader business orientated topics, you will find what you seek by digging into the steep archive of pods that Masters In Business brings to the table. 

I personally utilized this podcast to teach myself about the financial markets and better understand how much of an impact they have on us as regular people in a variety of ways so that I could leverage that information to make more sensible decisions in my own investments, pursuit of owning a home, and working to pay off debts so that my wife and I can one day comfortably retire. 

This deep pool of knowledge is worth tapping into and there is no better pod than this to achieve the spot of number 3 in my Top 10 Podcasts for 2019. 

An avid reader himself, Barry Ritholtz dropped his own book in the aftermath of the financial crisis that examines the environment and players that had a heavy hand in the crisis that shook the American economy to its core, "Bailout Nation: How Greed and Easy Money Corrupted Wall Street and Shook the World Economy". 

I definitely recommend it for anyone looking to chew on more financial food for thought.

4.      “Ed Mylett Show” with Ed Mylett

This podcast is the perfect pod for anyone who is looking to grow themselves, learn about success in entrepreneurial pursuit, or just hear really compelling and inspiring stories. 

Its host, Ed Mylett is a wildly successful self-made man who is positive, encouraging, and pushes his listeners to #MAXOUT their potential, a phrase pulled straight from the title of his highly rated book, "#MAXOUT Your Life". 

He is a big proponent for physical health as he is very much into weight lifting/body building but he is far more interested in providing a platform for people with powerful stories of success against all odds. 

He has served as a mentor for popular authors/podcasters such as Rachel Hollis and regularly hosts social media “influencers” who share their journey and successes. He typically hosts his pod from his home by the ocean and the sound of that water hitting the shore is a signature noise that can be heard in the backdrop of the pod. 

He speaks with power and authority on growth, self-development, and learning to be a little better, every, single, day. I personally favor him and his work as a man, as I look at someone with such a radical trajectory and dream of learning from his experiences and journey to shape my own path. 

His greatest asset (his incredibly deep, radio/pod friendly voice) gives way to a real sensitivity, patience, and compassion as he will often host guests with stories of gut wrenching pains, struggles, and battles through life that are ultimately overcome. 

His pod has been an inspiration for my own writing and pursuit of blogging, and THAT is why I have selected it for the number 4 spot in my Top 10 Podcasts for 2019.

5.       “RISE Podcast” with Rachel Hollis

How many women in America today are looking to take on the world with eyes towards strong success despite the many barriers, walls, and glass ceilings that have been built up around them in that pursuit? 

Too many women today are still being held down by stereotypes, sexist sociological structures, and pressures and responsibilities pushed on them by the outdated standards of society. 

Rachel Hollis and her podcast, “RISE” absolutely shatters all of those misconceptions about the role of a woman. She is a self-made all-star who started her career as a hostess for large, Hollywood esque parties in LA, and slowly developed into an author (self-publishing to get her start), podcaster, and major, major social media influencer. 

She is light, funny, accessible, and has experienced success that few can even dream of. All while raising several children, speaking all across the country, vlogging with her wonderful and successful in his own right husband, and pursuing her best life. 

Listening to her discuss her approach to life really does make you feel as though YOU can live that life too and YOU can accomplish your own victories in life. True to its name, after listening to this pod you will probably want to RISE up and go accomplish something for yourself. 

She often discusses how she does not break promises to herself anymore and I’ve found this to be one of my most heralded idea to grab onto when I don’t feel like going out for exercise, sticking to keto, or taking the extra time to write a blog post. 

Her pod is pure inspiration and is an absolute necessity for anyone, woman or man, who is in active pursuit of being better and is looking for a good model who has made it there and lived to tell the tale! This is exactly why I have RISE as the number 5 spot on the list of the Top 10 Podcasts for 2019. 

Alongside her blog, live streams, business conferences, and podcast, Rachel Hollis has 2 excellent books (both of which I have read with my wife) that were fun, fresh, and very enjoyable to read as a couple looking to strengthen our own bond and extend my understanding as a man of how women experience the world. 

"Girl Stop Apologizing" and "Girl, Wash Your Face" are fantastic gifts for any mom, sister, wife, or daughter looking to grow themselves and help them keep their self made promises. 

6.      “Happier” with Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft

     I thoroughly enjoy the podcast “Happier” that is hosted primarily by Gretchen Rubin and often involves her younger sister, Elizabeth Craft. Gretchen is a very successful author with a New York Times Bestseller in "Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits--to Sleep More, Quit Sugar, Procrastinate Less, and Generally Build a Happier Life" and to be honest, her podcast content and tone are perfectly in sync with this book.

The sister duo serve as a well-balanced team that are witty, well read, and extremely intelligent. Their thoughtfulness shines through as they visit interesting ideas and questions from readers, explore the work of ancient, old, modern, and more recent philosophy, and laugh about the struggles of day to day living while trying to live a balanced and happy life. 

Typically these pods run anywhere from 20-40 minutes and every now and again, they will drop quick little bite sized tidbits for the listener to consume on the go or in their work time. 

I laughed as they recently featured a small bit on how to “stop hitting the snooze” and offered up the extremely practical suggestion of going to your alarm app, and disabling the ability to “hit the snooze.” 

With practical and yet useful information for the very basic, day to day challenges that we all face at one time or another, I see this pod as being perfect for spot number 6 on the list of The Top 10 Podcasts for 2019!

7.      “Binge Mode” with Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion

Of all of the podcasts so far presented on my personal list of what I consider to be the top 10 pods for 2019, this pod has to be considered the most unique and stands in its own category as a pod. 

The team of Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion, both writers and content creators for the pop-culture site, “The Ringer” have created a niche beyond reproach within the podcast universe. 

The manner in which they have been dissecting “Game of Thrones” over the years is un-comparable. Utilizing scripts that they have written after each episode, they walk you through the experience of each moment, recapturing the beauty of consuming the show as an avid watcher, but through the lens of two mega fans whose breadth of knowledge and foundation of interest, knows no bounds. 

While the manner in which they present their podcast may be unusual for some, it has led to the pair receiving major recognition for their efforts and style with “Time” awarding it with the “Best Podcast” title. Why is it so far down the list of my pods, you may be wondering? 

Well, you will have to listen to their dissection and decide for yourself! For me while the podcast is quite incredible in its complexity and attention to detail, I’ve found in my own listening journey that I prefer a more conversation podcast over something that is well written and/or scripted. However, that is but a small, personal leaning and I still believe this pod to be one of the absolute best in its own right. 

They don’t just stop the coverage and dissection at Game of Thrones, they’ve also covered Star Wars, Harry Potter, and other popular shows and film. If you are a film junkie who cares to know the histories and origins of the families in shows like Game of Thrones, then this IS the pod for you. That is why I’ve ranked it at spot number 7 on the Top 10 Podcasts for 2019. 

If you are trying to gain the knowledge of Mallory and Jason then the 2nd best way outside of listening to their pod would of course be to buy the entire series of Game of Thrones books! Amazon Prime has them hot off the press and ready to read. 

Careful though because when I finally got around to reading these behemoths of literature, I could literally not stop reading them. I finished the entire series in a single summer and every waking free moment was spent with my head buried in these books. 

I cannot overstate just how fantastic they are and for those of you who have seen the show but still haven't read the series, NOW IS THE TIME to get lost in them!! TRUST. 

8.      “Pod Save America” with Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor

We all need a little politics in our life right? RIGHT? Joking aside, I do my best to stay informed and try as I can to consume information responsibly, especially when it comes to the area of politics. 

While this podcast definitely leans pretty heavily to the “left” as far as their political grounding, they do well to provide accurate, fact based information as well as fair, honest, and open assessments of what is going on in American politics today. 

All of these men who all are on the pod at some point or another, were former aides for Obama and have real experience in campaigning, writing, and jockeying within the political realm. Tommy Vietor is especially classed in matters that stretch far beyond the borders of our own country, weighing in on world affairs and how our own politics at home impacts the countries of the world. 

Dan Pfeiffer is a regular contributor across multiple media outlets and has a wide array of knowledge and useful thoughts on how the current administration handles immigration, education, healthcare, and so much more. 

Jon Lovett provides a breath of fresh air and downright hilarious antics to break through the sometimes dry and administrative jetlag that can set in when you are discussing not so compelling topics like new tax laws. He is a well-known and deservedly respected member of the gay community and so brings a real, honest, and thought provoking perspective that gives a powerful yet funny voice to a community of people who are looking to have the same recognition and right to pursue happiness as the rest of us. 

His wit, humor, and bravado provide that extra bit of personality and laugh out loud funny moments that any podcast could dream of having. 

Finally, Jon Favreau who feels much like the heart and soul of this team of political misfits, provides calm and quiet analysis with well selected words, choice insight, and a sincerity that you can feel through the airwaves. These guys started their journey with the podcast “Keepin’ it 1600” a subtle but funny reference to the address of the White House in which they used to serve, and have now officially “Made it” with a massive following of loyal fans who are looking for an honest assessment in a dishonest world. 

Not only do they host a fantastic pod but they are now also touring live across the country, hosting large crowds and putting on live shows to the delight of listeners across America. With that, I give them the award of spot number 8 on The Top 10 Podcasts for 2019.

9.      “The Woj Pod” with Adrian Wojnarowski

If you haven’t heard of the “Woj Bombs” that have been dropping now for a few years on Twitter during every NBA season and free agency period, then where have you been? 

This man, Adrian Wojnarowski, is the most powerful journalist in the NBA business. If you hear a rumor, tweet, or bit of news that is coming from him, then you know that it is as good as the word of God. His podcast hosts some of the most prolific agents, executives, GMs, and players from the NBA. Everyone in that business wants to sit down with Woj and discuss the game. 

At first look, his receding hair line and black rimmed glasses may not seem all that intense, but this dude knows his stuff and hears whispers from offices around the league on the level of Lord Varys from Game of Thrones. 

His insight into the inner workings of the teams around the league are unparalleled and his access to the highest levels of authority and ownership are without competition. 

He is a great follow on twitter for those who are looking to stay in the know on the daily happenings within the NBA and for even more in depth knowledge on the game itself, he is a fantastic host on his pod. This is why “The Woj Pod” is number 8 on The Top 10 Podcasts for 2019.

10.   “House of Carbs” with Joe House

We all need a little slice of heaven every now and then and Joe House is the perfect chef to serve it up to us. This guy is hilarious and an absolute champ when it comes to consumption of delicious food. 

He does not discriminate when it comes to food and is willing to share his personal favorites from across the country as he travels in his pursuits of perfecting the art of culinary consumption. 

He brings on some of his favorite foodies and friends who have enriching dining experiences to share and provides them the perfect place to do so! 

Calling his listeners his “taste buds” he will pull you in and keep you coming back for more as they go through their week to week favorite spots to pull up a chair, pour a drink, and get their eat on. I continue coming back for more because he is a truly funny guy who can skip from topic to topic with ease and a realness that is hard to find in the over saturated market of podcasts. 

You can also find him guest hosting on many of “The Ringer” site pods and he always comes with eating utensils in hand, ready to throw down more delicious content for the listener. With that, Joe House and “House of Carbs” round out the final spot in The Top 10 Podcasts of 2019!

If you enjoyed this piece and have some of your own favorite podcasts that you believe should have made it into the list, comment so that I can share in its awesomeness and find more excellent pods to consume myself. 

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