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Building Better Habits & A Better Me

Have you ever taken the time to look at your own actions to see determine if your daily routines and habits are helping to build a better you ? It seems as though we all get caught up from time to time in the day to day grind and forget that this life is singular in nature, and we each have that one shot to try and live it to the fullest. At times we all fall short of excelling in that pursuit and end up settling for lesser than we deserve.  When something goes wrong in my life, I have a pretty standard routine or practice that tends to follow whatever issue may have come up. It is usually a conditioned emotional response that dictates my state of mind. Whether it be anxiety, fear, depression, etc. there is some manner that I will respond with that I’ve taught myself to do over the years of my life. We all probably do this to an extent anytime we are building positive or negative habits. I'm not sure that I was fully aware of this practice that I so often employed until I rece