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Marriage: Talking & Listening With Respect

These days, I am working hard to increase my earning potential and do my part to ensure my family’s financial prosperity. Shaping my family’s future is a tall order and I’m doing my best to manage our own home-life by creating an atmosphere of stability. I am looking to be disciplined in my decisions in life and try my best to continually grow the moralistic and ethical fiber in my bones, exercising my ability to broaden my understanding of others situations and trying to grow my perspective outside of my own life experiences so that I can serve as a sturdy example to my daughter in how to treat your fellow human beings. Most importantly, I am trying to build up a foundation of love in our household. If you took everything I said at face value then I probably sound like a pretty upstanding guy. But I want this blog to be personal, to be very much like my diary where I can be honest and transparent with you the reader, in hopes that you will examine your own life with that level of h

You & Your Kids: Finding That Common Denominator!

Basketball season is upon us and while I could spend an exuberant amount of time going deep into the analytics of the Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise and why it is destined for greatness under the leadership of the young rookie, Luka Doncic, I am going to do my best to turn this conversation more towards the broader subject that I am hoping to dive into today! I have been bouncing ideas back and forth in my mind about what my next blog post should discuss and it seemed obvious that one such subject should be how we as parents need to find a common denominator with our children. What I mean by this is that we should be searching for that common interest between our children and ourselves! Finding that common thread of interest that you can share with your little one can build a wonderful bridge of strength in your relationship with them and allow you to serve as a positive and gravitationally significant influence in their life far into the future. Every single child in the world a

Breaking the Mold: What It Means to be a Millennial Dad

Being a Dad is a pursuit that I’ve been contemplating for an extended period of my young life. I was a pre-teen when my divorced parents got re-married and started having more children. Ultimately I went from being an only child for 14 years to having one stepbrother, 2 half-brothers, and 1 half-sister. In my teenage years I was exposed to the joys and terrors of raising a child. While I sometimes complained about the responsibilities of baby-sitting my younger siblings, I also enjoyed seeing them grow up and ultimately was pleased to have such a large age gap between myself and them. It had given me the awareness and perspective to truly appreciate seeing the changes in them as they grew older and developed into bright young kids. It served as a strong reminder upon becoming a dad myself of just how quickly kids grow up. With this knowledge tucked away in my mind, I have been ever diligent with my own 14 month old to do my best to capture every moment in my heart and mind and lock

The Great Balancing Act Of The Fall Season

Fall Season Yall!  This is it my loyal readers! We are back in that season that we all know and love, the Fall Season. It has its good side (beautiful changing of colors, pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks) and its bad side (holiday season can be stressful as HECK) but somehow we all have to figure out a way to navigate it.  Expectations during the Fall Season are always high. You've got your own family unit to please, your extended family, work parties, holiday shopping in the coming months, maybe even some Oktoberfest action to attend to?  So the question always comes to my mind: How the hell am I supposed to balance all of this stuff out? I've got my own parent's expectations, my spouses parent's expectations, our own expectations to contend with and the mounting list of obligations that start to materialize as we draw closer to the end of the year.  If anyone should know what it means to have high expectations in any given season, let alone t

Talking About Money With Your Significant Other

As a young Dad working hard to secure a strong financial foundation for my family it can sometimes feel overwhelming when trying to identify the best ways to invest my time and money. With the advent of the internet there seems to be a plethora of resources available to guide you in your path to financial freedom. While I am still in the learning phase when it comes to my finances, I am sure that I can relate to most people in that I first began doing research into money matters by trying to establish a budget. In my case, I was trying to save money for my wedding. What I’ve seen in my small pocket of American culture is a hesitancy to discuss financial matters with family and friends. I’m not sure if that is a by-product of the financial crisis of 2008 leading to a broader insecurity surrounding the topic of finance or a more generalized discomfort in speaking transparently about that subject. Whatever the reason, it just seems as though people don’t want to really talk about mo