Dallas Mavericks: Friday is Here and With It, Game 3.

I've scoured the internet for bites or morsels of pro Mavs content in the wake of the Dallas Mavericks going up 2-0 on the L.A. Clippers, defeating them twice on their home court. While the results speak for themselves, the general narrative outside of my personal favorite Mavs Moneyball , has been that the Clippers are fumbling their efforts and letting this series slip away from them. Very few outlets are discussing the Dallas Mavericks and their hot start as the foundational reason for the Clippers short comings. Perhaps this is because the Clippers have been flailing since their 3-1 meltdown in the bubble. If you include the failure in last years bubble alongside the first two losses, the Clippers have lost 5 straight playoff games. While Kawhi and PG put up a combined 69 points, 18 boards, and 10 assists, it still wasn't enough to overcome the terrific shooting of the Mavericks squad. Tim Hardaway Jr. shot 75% from 3 point range on Tuesday, making 6 of his 8 attempt

The Mavericks: Started from the bottom now we here.

Anyone who follows the Mavs closely will recall the tweet fired out by ESPN when the Mavs were under .500 touting a picture of a visibly upset Luka whilst also pointing out that the Knicks owned the Mavs 21 first round draft pick. We were 9-14 on the day of that tweet. Since then, the Mavs finished out their shortened season 42-30, meaning they went 33-16 after ESPN tried to make a meme out of our beloved Luka Magic. The season ended wildly with the Mavericks, Portland, and the Lakers all pushing to try and miss the play in. The Mavs have the 3 way tie breaker due to winning their division which put them at 5th in the western conference playoff standings, poised to repeat their playoff battle with the L.A. Clippers. Whether you thought the Mavs were better off playing Denver or the Clippers, the barrier to entry to get past round one in the Western Conference is steep. On the one hand, Denver has the all but confirmed MVP of the regular season in Jokic. His game has only trans

Welcome Back to Life: Likely Fiction Part II

Long time no write! I've been on a hiatus as life has been extremely busy providing me with plenty of excuses to put off writing as I try to get a handle on the direction of my life for myself and my family. A few updates for those who may be curious: 1. I've been working from home now for 15 months (basically since March 2020 when the NBA has its abrupt shutdown). 2. During our time working from home, a little magic happened and my wife became pregnant with our 2nd daughter. She was born in February 2021 and is nearing the 3 month mark of her wonderful life. We call her smiley girl because she is always smiling and has been very attentive to make eye contact and interact since the day she was born. 3. With our youngest being around 3 months, and our oldest creeping up on becoming a 4 year old, we decided that we needed to get them both in daycare to try and bring back some normalization to our life. My oldest is extremely excited and my youngest is such a chill baby that

Millennials Stand UP!

I’m getting so fucking burnt out when it comes to listening to the older generations berate and decry the Millennials of the world.   I can’t be the only one who is sick and tired of our generation being associated with so many negative tropes and attributes, right?  As one of the few Millennials in a mostly conservative office that trends a bit older, I often hear all sorts of negative stereotypes being tied to my generation. Most of the time, I brush it off and ignore the haters.  But time and time again it seems like the older generations enjoy looking around at what is wrong with the world (which FYI,   they’ve had plenty of power and time to try and fix), and associating it with Millennial’s as if it is OUR fault and OUR fault alone for the state of American society.  This pisses me off. I’m not one to commonly utilize the phrase but I can feel the utterances of “OK BOOMER” solidifying in my mouth. I look around at my generation and see a generation that has faced the gre

a poem for Gianna and Kobe

Mamba Mentality Digging deep with an unparalleled drive to be, The greatest the game has ever seen, You’ve stood on each and every peak, screaming out, “Kobe!” Inspiring a generation to be, Something greater than our own eyes could ever see, Each time we took our shot at the bucket Whether it went or not, just keep shooting, fuck it. “Kobe!” Shooters shoot, and no one embodied it more He gave it all in every game, early AM alarms were the only kind for him, that rang. Critics arise, side by side, with the fans who sang, never before, a man so hated and adored. He became the heartbeat of LA. I ask you this, what better way to convey than “Kobe!” More than a man, more than a game. After January 26 th , nothing can ever be the same. A dad, a husband, a coach, a player His sudden departure, we've lost the one of the best creators known by so many other names but none greater, than; “Kobe!” Tears stream down m

Congress Announces Articles of Impeachment for Trump; Looking Back on 2016 and Forward to 2020

Here we finally are. It’s early December of 2019 and the Democrat Majority Leader and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has finally directed the House of Republicans to file Articles of Impeachment against the President of the United States, who in case you missed the last several years, is none other than Donald Trump. To be clear, I am a Liberal-leaning Democrat born and raised in the belly of Texas. I’ve had no love for Trump from the time he started campaigning and onwards since he became president. I can admit that I’ve always found him to be an entertaining figure in the celebrity culture and of course saw him many times growing up while my Mom watched The Apprentice. So I recognize that my party affiliation plays a part in my opinion on the current President of our great Country. But the manner in which Trump has conducted himself for the entirety of his Presidency has been unprofessional and unbecoming at every step of his tenure in the once highly respected office. H

How To Reduce Anxiety

How To Reduce Anxiety I used to struggle mightily with social and generalized anxiety. There were times when I didn’t want to get out of bed for fear of the social interactions that I’d be required to have in my day to day movements through life. I’d start to withdraw within myself and remove any possibility of social interaction by hiding inside of my apartment.  My anxiety had taken full grip of my life and instead of addressing it, I kept putting off my mental health and continued to spiral into a negative headspace that left me unable to go to class, despondent in my relationship with my now wife, and apathetic to the world around me.  It took me bottoming out from a mental health perspective to finally seek out the help that I needed in order to address the anxiety that I had allowed to become a well-established, long-term resident in my mind. I know that so many others out in the world face the same social and generalized anxiety that I have faced and ultimately overcome