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Millennials Stand UP!

I’m getting so fucking burnt out when it comes to listening to the older generations berate and decry the Millennials of the world.   I can’t be the only one who is sick and tired of our generation being associated with so many negative tropes and attributes, right?  As one of the few Millennials in a mostly conservative office that trends a bit older, I often hear all sorts of negative stereotypes being tied to my generation. Most of the time, I brush it off and ignore the haters.  But time and time again it seems like the older generations enjoy looking around at what is wrong with the world (which FYI,   they’ve had plenty of power and time to try and fix), and associating it with Millennial’s as if it is OUR fault and OUR fault alone for the state of American society.  This pisses me off. I’m not one to commonly utilize the phrase but I can feel the utterances of “OK BOOMER” solidifying in my mouth. I look around at my generation and see a generation that has faced the gre

a poem for Gianna and Kobe

Mamba Mentality Digging deep with an unparalleled drive to be, The greatest the game has ever seen, You’ve stood on each and every peak, screaming out, “Kobe!” Inspiring a generation to be, Something greater than our own eyes could ever see, Each time we took our shot at the bucket Whether it went or not, just keep shooting, fuck it. “Kobe!” Shooters shoot, and no one embodied it more He gave it all in every game, early AM alarms were the only kind for him, that rang. Critics arise, side by side, with the fans who sang, never before, a man so hated and adored. He became the heartbeat of LA. I ask you this, what better way to convey than “Kobe!” More than a man, more than a game. After January 26 th , nothing can ever be the same. A dad, a husband, a coach, a player His sudden departure, we've lost the one of the best creators known by so many other names but none greater, than; “Kobe!” Tears stream down m