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Congress Announces Articles of Impeachment for Trump; Looking Back on 2016 and Forward to 2020

Here we finally are. It’s early December of 2019 and the Democrat Majority Leader and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has finally directed the House of Republicans to file Articles of Impeachment against the President of the United States, who in case you missed the last several years, is none other than Donald Trump. To be clear, I am a Liberal-leaning Democrat born and raised in the belly of Texas. I’ve had no love for Trump from the time he started campaigning and onwards since he became president. I can admit that I’ve always found him to be an entertaining figure in the celebrity culture and of course saw him many times growing up while my Mom watched The Apprentice. So I recognize that my party affiliation plays a part in my opinion on the current President of our great Country. But the manner in which Trump has conducted himself for the entirety of his Presidency has been unprofessional and unbecoming at every step of his tenure in the once highly respected office. H

How To Reduce Anxiety

How To Reduce Anxiety I used to struggle mightily with social and generalized anxiety. There were times when I didn’t want to get out of bed for fear of the social interactions that I’d be required to have in my day to day movements through life. I’d start to withdraw within myself and remove any possibility of social interaction by hiding inside of my apartment.  My anxiety had taken full grip of my life and instead of addressing it, I kept putting off my mental health and continued to spiral into a negative headspace that left me unable to go to class, despondent in my relationship with my now wife, and apathetic to the world around me.  It took me bottoming out from a mental health perspective to finally seek out the help that I needed in order to address the anxiety that I had allowed to become a well-established, long-term resident in my mind. I know that so many others out in the world face the same social and generalized anxiety that I have faced and ultimately overcome

4 Ways to be a Better Person

How to Become Better? A Very Human Question: I’ve been chewing on this question for a while which is “How do I become a better person?” It’s a bit of a loaded question is it not? There are a seemingly limitless amount of facets to the individual human being all of which contribute to the overall personality and trajectory of a singular life within this world. Taking the time for this type of self-reflection opens the door to thoughts for consideration; We are all unique in some aspect of ourselves but with the caveat of also carrying with us overlapping commonalities that ultimately serve to unite us as human beings.  We all feel the pain of grief as someone we know or love passes. We all experience the gift of life at one point or another through having our own children or being close to someone who has a child.  As parents, we all want to see our child succeed in the world and do our best to equip them in preparation for the hard stoic face that reality can

How To Motivate Yourself

How to Motivate Yourself We all have a variety of goals, aspirations, dreams, objectives, wants, needs, desires, etc. Whatever that looks like for you, at the end of the day reaching the final destination for your dreams isn’t so much about establishing what they are, but maintaining the motivation in the pursuit of those goals. Too many times to count, I’ve set out with the grandest expectations for a direction I was headed in life but as I traveled down a particular road, I found myself losing the motivation to continue on.  Today I want to discuss how to motivate yourself whether you are pursuing weight loss, eating better, keeping a clean house, breaking bad habits, or building up new ones.  You can fill in the blank with whatever it is that you are struggling to stay motivated towards as the means to keep up that motivation is often the same across the board for many different objectives.  How many of us have made promises to ourselves each time a new year rolls a