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The idea behind creating likely fiction was to give me a place to work through my own walk in life as I pursue the betterment of myself alongside my wife and daughter. I initially started the blog to discuss the idea of being a ‘Millennial Dad’ but as time has passed it has developed into something far more interesting (IMO). While I still discuss my experience as a dad in the craziness that we call the world, I’m more apt to discuss my thoughts and movements through life as I learn how to be the best version of me.

I'm working on me
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The math in my mind works out like this: If I can strive each and every day to become the best version of myself then what will follow is me being the best father and husband that I can be. For too long I think we all make excuses as to why we can handle X, Y, and Z, but can’t make the time to keep a promise to ourselves. I know this is a struggle my wife and a lot of mom’s face on a near daily basis!

“I can’t take the time to go and get a pedicure because I’ve got to get the kids fed, bathed, dressed, and put to bed.”

But guess what moms? You too, have to make time for yourself to incorporate some self-care, and much needed relaxation time. Lean on your husbands or significant other because we have the capacity to carry a lot more of the familial burden then we advertise. I may not be able to get my daughter’s hair in the perfect pony-tail just yet but I can keep her entertained, fed, and smiling long enough to allow my wife to sneak in a bubble bath and excellent at-home pedi (I grabbed this at home Dipping Nail Starter Kit for my wifey last Mother's Day to her surprise and satisfaction).
(Yeah, this blog is for moms and wives too!)
Anyways, I think we as humans need to stop and consider that taking care of yourself and spending time developing your life skills, isn’t selfish but in fact, will ultimately help you to help those around you.
I know I’m not alone in pursuing the idea of being the best version of ‘me’. Just open up pinterest or most any major social media outlet and you are flooded with ways to develop yourself. But the struggle that I’ve had in researching self-development and personal growth is that so many people who are talking about it, have already (more or less) arrived at their destination. I love Rachel Hollis, Ed Mylett, Gretchen Rubin, and so many others authors, podcasters, and writers who discuss growth, self-help, etc. But my wife and I have issues in relating to them because they talk about their past experience of growth and to be frank, they are insanely successful in the present. Last time I checked we have a house, yes, but it was a starter home that we bought on an FHA loan, with money we saved working hard at our jobs. No ocean front property or beach houses on our radar as of yet but if and when I build a vision board, this will be the first item on it!

So, realizing that we weren’t quite on the Rachel Hollis’ level of the world, I decided that I wanted to pursue that same level of success, growth, personal development in a very relentless fashion, but do my best to document the process as it was happening. I don’t have a 7 figure income (HELL, I don’t even have a 6 figure income!). I don’t have a vast network of influencers, bloggers, or podcasters to reach out to in order to share my content. To be honest, I hardly even have time to try and work on my social media accounts in order to drive some traffic or build a following. So far, I’m at a whopping 0 subscribers on this blog (though I do have a single comment on it, never mind that the comment was something along the lines of ‘the date on your blog entry is incorrect’).
One vital element that I can make claim too however, is a voice and passion for writing. So here I am, equipped with but a single tool that is a part of the equation of finding success in the blogosphere. I don’t know where this is going to take me, but I am opening myself up to whatever the universe has to offer and praying that God will give me wisdom in my approach to this site. I have always had an ability to meet people where they are at in life and find a commonality to connect to them but I don’t think I’ve really leaned too hard on that skillset or allowed myself to be social enough to utilize it effectively. By taking the time each week to write on likely fiction and share my journey here, I am making a real effort to start building some muscle memory with that skill. I do have a voice and I’m ready to start some new conversations.
God only knows there are a billion blogs out there that are looking to cover similar ground as this one so all I can do to try and break out from the static, is be my most authentic self. I don’t want to analyze keywords, I don’t want to focus on SEO or spend a bunch of money promoting my posts across the social media landscape; I really just want to speak my heart and immortalize it in the internet for other souls to find. Speaking of SEO/keywords, how many wanna-be-bloggers have recently been conducting research like I have been doing, and felt overwhelmed by all of this info?
It was CRAZY. Moving on!

The Math Is Simple

I often wonder about the readers who do make it to likely fiction. Where are they in their life? Are you struggling to get by on your rent or mortgage payment? Are you dreaming of being something bigger than you currently are, starting a new business or side hustle? Are you a new parent too, just looking for other new parents to relate to in knowing that even when you try to exert every last ounce of energy for your kid, it often doesn’t feel like enough?
Perhaps you are a single person who has been feeling apathetic in your dreams, your job, life as a whole, and are looking to find some place for solace where you can be at peace that YOU are enough.
Whatever, wherever, and whoever you are; I want likely fiction to speak to you. I’m on this journey too! I don’t have it all figured out either! I continue to make so many mistakes in my life and much like in Candyland, it seems like for every step I take forward, often times knock myself back two!
Some might feel discouraged when they consider where they are and how far they have to go.
But if you take anything from likely fiction today, let it be that you should in fact be encouraged by the fact that you have so much room to grow. The ceiling on your personal growth and positive change is near limitless if you allow it to be. That is exciting to consider and it truly is a blessing.
We will figure out this journey together and I’m hoping that as I learn more and continue writing here, so will YOU: the totally real readers of likely fiction! Have a great day folks and please subscribe to my site, share, and comment because the number one thing that I want out of this conversation is engagement with the reader. Help me to learn more about you guys so that we can continue to grow together on this path through life.  

If you want to dream on with more content from likelyfiction then check out my post, "Faced With The Vast Universe" where I discuss the action of looking at the stars in the night sky and how we as humans fit into the collective whole of the Universe! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.


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